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What is it?

Unite Congress is a patent pending, technological data tool delivered to you through a smartphone application and website. It’s a simple solution to breaking down the barriers between registered voters and their representatives rebuilding confidence in our government, truly reflecting the will of the people and providing trusted data to Congress.

Breaking Barriers

Our platform allows you, a verified voter, to connect with your representative and voice your opinion on pending legislation. Unite Congress is a non-partisan solution because we will never ask for a party affiliation. This isn’t about ‘red or blue’; it’s about you, your family, your community, and our future. Instead of allowing out technology to divide us, we can communicate our needs and values to those that we’ve hired to represent us in our federal government.

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Trusted Data

Members of Congress will have the ability to see how their constituents feel about legislation that is currently being discussed on the floors of congress. Unite Congress gives you this power by through biometric verification. It turns you into a trusted, verified, user through secured facial recognition and fingerprint identification. We also verify your voter registration status. There will be no questions about paid protesters or voters from elsewhere in the country influencing your representative.

Building Confidence

Unite Congress focuses on connecting trusted users to Congress. We compile all current bills into an easy to understand format. Just like your Representative, you’ll be able to choose between ‘yea’ or ‘nay’. You will be able to send a text submission called a docket and to see when your message is read by congressional staff or your representative. This is not another comment lost in the void, but a way to have trusted communication your government.

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Unite Congress is a data tool!

Unite Congress is a data tool!

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